note to self

I am dead because I lack desire;

I lack desire because I think I possess;

I think I possess because I do not try to give.

In trying to give, you see that you have nothing;

Seeing you have nothing, you try to give of yourself;

Trying to give of yourself, you see that you are nothing,

Seeing that you are nothing, you desire to become;

In desiring to become, you begin to live.

- Rene Daumal, author of the unfinished 'Mount Analogue', and a pupil of Gurdjieff.

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oh hello... dont mind me. this bit is like a 'dear diary' kind of thing, or a scrapbook of stuff I want to remember. it's 'notes to self' really. I cant lose them here. or maybe this is the best way to finally get rid of them. either way it's your problem now. alright. cheers