Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018 

Timeout Melbourne Review

Miles Munn’s Romance Novel was one of the highlights of my 2018 Melbourne Comedy Festival. Smart and knowing, it had enormous fun skewering the tropes of modern romance, along with a whole host of contemporary absurdisms. Munn’s persona is strangely ambivalent; it’s hard to get a handle on his intentions, which may be self-deprecating or vaguely insulting. He keeps you guessing throughout.

The show starts before the beginning – so often Munn deliberately frustrates the structure, which lends the material a haltingly broken rhythm – and peters out before the end. He sets up elaborate gags that he abandons before the punchline. And yet the overall effect is oddly satisfying; it’s as if he’s dismantling and rebuilding that forth wall in front of us.

Chock-full of literary gags, and subtly subversive, Munn’s comedy is also endearingly silly and winning. He’s a likeable presence, even if you’re never sure whether or not he’s taking the piss out of you. I keenly await his future work.


By Tim Byrne, Performing Arts Editor and theatre critic at Time Out Melbourne. Tim is currently a judge of the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards in the drama category.

Praise for Romance Novel 

“The show was terrific; batty, deliciously awkward and endearing, it also had a really sharp satirical undertow.” TIM BYRNE (TIMEOUT MELBOURNE)


“This show is hilarious. Munn's brilliant portrayal of corporate culture in Australia will leave you giggling for days.” TIMNA JACKS (THE AGE) 

“Quirky, edgy and funny. Munn sets up the incompetent, slightly bumbling narrator so well, and then every time he needs new vocal colours, energies, dynamics- he has everything he needs.” ANNA MCROSSIN-OWEN (THE FAMILY LAW, PLEASE LIKE ME - DIALECT COACH )


“Very smart and very funny stuff.” DANIEL TEITELBAUM (THE SCHOOL OF LIFE)


“I loved this show. It’s so original what he does.” DAVID QUIRK (ROSEHAVEN, PLEASE LIKE ME)


“Miles Munn made me want to be a comedic performer. I’m in awe of his work, and so for me his 2018 MICF show was absolute perfection.” RHYS MITCHELL (UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN, BARRACUDA)


“Throughout the show Munn demonstrated a good ability to hold a character and bring lots of laughs through his engagement with the audience. The writing of the show also demonstrated that he has a penchant for observational comedy, through sharp commentary on corporate life.” HUGGING COMEDIANS


“Swipe right to this show about modern romance. There’s a bit of the heroine Libby in all of us.” LISA MARIE CORSO (SCREENWRITER UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN, THE LIBRARIANS, VERY SMALL BUSINESS)


“Miles Munn’s Romance Novel is funny, fresh, clever and exciting.” ANITA JANKOVIC (SCREENWRITER ENDEMOL SHINE – OFFSPRING, SISTERS)

Festival Program Description

A show guaranteed to make you laugh. Imagine a Bachelorette episode adapted into a novel, then squished into an hour of stand-up.  If there's such a thing as really good ‘bad literature’, this is it.

In this satire of a Romance Novel, Miles Munn uses roleplays to depict key scenes from Heroine Libby’s life including: ‘catastrophic picnic’ and ‘sexual confusion at the Fun Run.’


After studying Literature, Munn worked as a speechwriter, where he got to know the corporate jargon he incorporates into the show. He also wrote for motivational speakers, which he says developed his talent for writing demotivational, pointless comedy.


The show is funny, eccentric, smart and has been called a top festival pick.